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Open Joint-Stock company "Chernigovskoye Khimvolokno"

- one of the leading chemical enterprises of Ukraine - it is situated six kilometers from the center of the town Chernigov -regional center, which is situated on the borders of Ukraine, Russia and Byelorrusia - downstream of the river Desna. The production area takes more than 200 hectares. There is modern equipment in the workshops of the enterprise which allows to produce the wide assortment range of products.

9 th of January 1956 was taken the resolution about the building of the plant of synthetic fibers

6 th April 1957 the first stone was put on the building site of the plant

21 st December 1959 pilot production was put into action, the first caprone product was produced in Chernigov

1960 - the resolution was prepared about the construction of the first in the country production of PA-66 fiber

1962 - people learned to handle the project capacities of the first line of the plant

1963 - put into action the second line of the plan

1964 - the process of caprolactam regeneration was mastered

The enterprise produces: cord fabrics [ caprone and anid ], polyamide yarns [ textile, tricot, technical and multitwisted for fishing industry and sacks sewing ], polyamide granulates [ PА-6 and PА-66 ], polyprophylene monofilaments polyamide monofilaments (fishing-line) and fibers, molding articles out of polyamide, consumer goods [ consumer nets, packing strings and haytieing , rucksack fabric, twisted and plaited consumer ropes , automobile and boat towing ropes, women tights, sports trousers, threads and others ] - in total more than 70 kinds of the main product and 100 kinds of consumer goods. The enterprise includes the following productions: the production of caprone technical yarns for cord fabrics and technical articles , yarns of technical use ; anid technical yarns for cord fabrics and technical articles; consumer goods.

Open Joint-Stock company "Chernigovskoye Khimvolokno" - one of the oldest enterprises of Ukraine, its history goes back to 1957 , when the building of the enterprise started with the project capacity on production of caprone yarns in amount of 16,6 thousand tons per year. Soon, on the 21st of 1959 started to work a new pilot plant, first meters of caprone yarn were produced. Full project capacity was achieved in 1964. In this period of time a new workshop producing consumer goods was opened. In January 1963 the building was started and in 1965 put into action production of anid yarns.

Ткацкий цех

1965 - first meters of anid fibers were produced

1977 - 100 th mln square meter of cord fabric was received

1984 - 1st mlrd meter of anid fabric was received

2002 - the enterprise enters the holding company "AMTEL"

2002 - glorious history goes on...

During all period of work the enterprise was continually reconstructed, the capacities of production were constantly increased on behalf of introducing new technological lines and equipment: caprone yarns production by molding method, polyamide monofilaments (fishing-line) production, plants of continuous extraction and drying (NES-20M), cascade polyamiderisation (LKP-20), continuous drying (NS), unit of polyamide dying in mass and others. Enterprise capacity on production of caprone, anid yarns and fibers was 61 thousand tons per year.

More than 800 enterprises and trade bases of Ukraine and countries of GUS receive the product of our enterprise. We produce our products for those customers who make tires, sew clothes, build roads, cure people, go in for fishing, makes carpets, mold articles and produce many useful things for people.

Our policy is to achieve and support such a level of product quality to satisfy regularly all the demands of customer. The production is always ready to cooperation with customers and always takes into account all their demands and wishes.

Our address:

Ukraine, 14011, Chernigov, st. Shchorsa, 78
Telephone/Fax (0462) 651-451; E-mail: contact@him.com.ua

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