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Special attention at the enterprise is paid to the questions of quality control because quality itself is the most important question put before us by our customers. We can judge about the quality of our products by that fact that our goods are appreciated at the European market.

The process of quality control is made at our enterprise by the department of technical control and central laboratory. Produced goods are controlled at all stages of manufacture. Each party of goods passes acceptance-handling over tests according to normative indexes.

We check produced production in all stages of production. Every match must correspond to normative indexes in accordance receiving-delivery tests. State centre of metrology check every year production quality and accordance to normative documents. Our production always correspond to these requests.

Laboratory of raw materials

Department of technical control - laboratory of raw materials.

Section for quality control

Section for quality control of spinning shop. Shift - director and controller of technological process.

Optical fibres

Unit, which produces optical fibres.

The programm of ensuring and perfecting control of tests quality is worked out. This process is conducted by specialised accredited laboratories of the enterprise. Inspections of production sites, workshops, departments inside the enterprise are regularly conducted. That is one of the element of DSTU ISO 9001 on preparation to certification of the quality system.

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