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Open Joint-Stock company "Chernigovskoye Khimvolokno" has got complex production structure. The enterprise can be divided into three main structural divisions: Caprone - production of caprone technical yarns for cord fabrics and technical articles, yarns of technical use; Anid - production of anid technical yarns for cord fabrics and technical articles; Production of consumer goods.

Besides, the developed net of supplying services was organized. Both main productions and these structural divisions are equal participants of the production process. Supplying structural divisions include: department of technical control and central laboratory, which make the control of product quality ; department of chief mechanic which provides the repair, reconstruction and modernization of equipment. In the workshops of the enterprise the equipment for production the articles out of polyurethane is installed, also is practicized articles molding out of rubber; the powerful building base, repair-building workshop, project-construction department, calculation center and service of automatisation was organized and others.

Machine of 8-filaments spinning
Machine of 8-filaments spinning. The range of producted yarns can be achieved from 2,2 tex till 15,6 tex with the wide color range.


The history of the production started in 1959 when the pilot production was put into action and first meters of Chernigov caprone were received. Nowadays at that production the following products are produced: cord caprone fabrics; yarns of technical use; yarns of textile, tricot use (complex dull, bright and dyed; texturised dull and dyed); yarns for fishing industry; polyamide PA-6 (granulate); molding articles out of polyamide.

At the production site machines of 8-filaments spinning, which can produce yarns in the range of 2,2 till 15,6 tex with the wide color spectr, machines of combined process of drawing and texturing are used. Machines of combined process of drawing and texturing are used for production of yarns with low tex for production of elastic women tights. Machines TK-603 are used for production of texturised yarns with higher tex, these types of yarns are used in textile, tricot and hosiery industry; modern twisting machines allow to increase labor productivity and improve the quality of caprone cord fabrics; the production includes weaving workshops producing cord caprone fabrics for tire industry and others.

In 2001 new texturing machines made by Italian company RPR were installed. These machines produce yarns in the range 1,67-15,6 tex. Installation of these machines allowed to increase the packing mass till 4 kg.

Anid monofilaments production
Technological lines for Anid monofilaments production.


In 1965 on the industrial site of the enterprise the building of the first in the country production of anid yarns was completed. The starting capacity of that production was 11 thousands tons per year. The production is under constant reconstruction, the equipment is modernised, technological process is studied out, the assortment of the produced product becomes bigger. We supply our anid cord fabric and technical yarn to the customers all over the Ukraine and GUS countries.

In 1982 the production of polyamide monofilaments was put into action. The production of monofilaments meant for textile industry, screen fibers, screen fibers materials, surgical purposes was started.

On the unit of waste treatment into staple fibers the products for carpet, textile industries and also for enterprises of building industry are manufactured. The production of fiber 0,25 was worked out, this fiber is the most perspective for the enterprises of light industry.

Tights production
Tights production.


At the beginning of 60 th the workshop producing consumer goods was founded. Firstly in this workshop 5 kinds of product were manufactured. But now it is independent modern production which is manufacturing near 100 kinds of different products.

In 1989 the line of women tights production was put into action, and in 1998 new Italian machines-automats "Assembler" were installed. All these measures allowed to increase the tights production and to improve the quality of the manufactured products.

Just now the production of the special working wear for the workers of our enterprise and the production of the fabrics for rubber-technical artickles is studied out. Ropes, fibers, bags, tricot articles which are produced at our enterprise are of great demand in Ukraine and GUS countries.

Department of technical control
Department of technical control - laboratory of raw materials.


Special attention at the enterprise is paid to the questions of quality control because quality itself is the most important question put before us by our customers. We can judge about the quality of our products by that fact that our goods are appreciated at the European market.

The process of quality control is maid at our enterprise by the department of technical control and central laboratory. Produced goods are controlled at all stages of manufacture. Each party of goods passes acceptance-handling over tests according to normative indexes.

The programm of ensuring and perfecting control of tests quality is worked out. This process is conducted by specialised accredited laboratories of the enterprise. Inspections of production sites, workshops, departments inside the enterprise are regularly conducted. That is one of the element of DSTU ISO 9001 on preparation to certification of the quality system.

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