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At the beginning of 60 th the workshop producing consumer goods was founded. Firstly in this workshop 5 kinds of product were manufactured. But now it is independent modern production which is manufacturing near 100 kinds of different products.

In 1989 the line of women tights production was put into action, and in 1998 new Italian machines-automats "Assembler" were installed. All these measures allowed to increase the tights production and to improve the quality of the manufactured products.

Just now the production of the special working wear for the workers of our enterprise and the production of the fabrics for rubber-technical artickles is studied out. Ropes, fibers, bags, tricot articles which are produced at our enterprise are of great demand in Ukraine and GUS countries.

Knitting place

Knitting place is one of technological cycle of tights production.

Tape - weaving machine

Tape - weaving machine of technological line for tape - production.

Knitting section

Consumer goods production in net - knitting section.

Sewing place

Sewing place of consumer goods production.

Net - knitting machines

Net - knitting machines.

Proprietary shops

Colorit is one of proprietary shops in the centre of Chernigov.

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