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In 1965 on the industrial site of the enterprise the building of the first in the country production of anid yarns was completed. The starting capacity of that production was 11 thousands tons per year. The production is under constant reconstruction, the equipment is modernised, technological process is studied out, the assortment of the produced product becomes bigger. We supply our anid cord fabric and technical yarn to the customers all over the Ukraine and GUS countries.

In 1982 the production of polyamide monofilaments was put into action. The production of monofilaments meant for textile industry, screen fibers, screen fibers materials, surgical purposes was started.

On the unit of waste treatment into staple fibers the products for carpet, textile industries and also for enterprises of building industry are manufactured. The production of fiber 0,25 was worked out, this fiber is the most perspective for the enterprises of light industry.

Process of cord fabric weaving plains

Process of cord fabric weaving plains, motor and cargo cars use types from Anid fibres.

Forming of yarns for Cord fabrics and technicat goods

Forming of yarns for Cord fabrics and technicat goods.

Central control panel

Central control panel of Anid fibres production.

Anid monofilaments

Technological lines for Anid monofilaments production.

Twisting machine

Twisting machine.

Section of waste treating in staple

Section of waste treating in staple. Polyamide fibres are ready for dispatch to the consumer.

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