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Open Joint-Stock company "Chernigovskoye Khimvolokno"

Here you can find postal requisits of the enterprise, contact telephones of the managers and departments, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and also banking requisits for payments both in Ukrainian and foreign currency.

Postal requisits
Postal and juridical address Ukraine, 14011, Chernigov, ul. Shchorsa, 78
For telegramms Chernigov-11, "Khimvolokno"
Unloading requisits Station Chernigov South-Western railw,
station code 325000, enterprise code 5805
Common enterprise address contact@him.com.ua
Department chief of product realization market@him.com.ua
Service of supplying snab@him.com.ua
Common +38 0462 651-451
Commercial service +38 0462 651-450
Department of product realization +38 0462 651-449
Contact telephones
General director of interprise - director of the board OJSC Mikhalevich Nikolay Mikhaylovich +38 0462 650-290
Director of commerce Korchenko Viktor Vladimirovich +38 04622 43-359
Deputy director of commerce Vladimir Nikolajevich Dubinin +38 04622 43-346
Department chief of product realization Andrey Pavlovich Maksimov +38 04622 43-386
Deputy department chief of product realization Sharapata Viktor Ivanovich +38 0462 664-220
Sector chief of product realization on consumer goods Sergey Viktorovich Kupchik +38 0462 650-041
Sector of realization
+38 0462 650-080, 650-123
Commodity researcher on the main product of the sector of goods selling
+38 0462 650-236, 650-326
Commodity researcher on consumer goods of the sector of goods selling
+38 0462 664-996, 650-040
Code ОКPО 00204048
Individual taxation number 002040425266
Certificate of tax payer 33914110
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